Friday, 22 February 2013


OK i seem to have lost touch with the way men think. I went to see a friend of mine recently and before going, we chatted via BBM and that was when the come and visit me popped up in the conversation.
And am like, come and visit you for what, he says oh just chatting,go out for dinner and drinks then come home. I said after that what next. He says nothing.
Me knowing how a guys mind works even if we just friends, I said don't start touching me at night oh...
He sends a cab to come pick me that cost £100 to just get to his place that's 1hr30mins..Me i didn't say anything oh.
To cut this story short, at night it was war, he kept touching,poking etc..Me i got upset saying what rubbish is this, am not your girlfriend, not your booty call, so what makes you think you deserve to sleep with me. When you sha sleep with me, what next. I go my way you go your way. Ha please oh....

The next day,he pays a cab that cost another £100 to take me back home. Should i feel bad that he spent £200 and didn't get anything? Me i don't oh

Got home and was telling my bro-in-law and he says am crazy, what the hell did i think was gonna happen.      

So does that mean a lady can't sleep over at a guys place without him think he must have sex, or at least try and have sex with her....Seriously!!!!!!!

I have this friend who is always wanting to sleep with every girl and yet he won't get a girlfriend. I introduced him to a friend so they can get to know themselves better, within a space of 1hr he tried sleeping with her,She got upset and refused. He calls me up again saying introduce me to someone else, me i asked what he was looking for, he said sex, i said ok go pay a prostitute, he said no,he doesn't do prostitute. Then what the hell do you want. If you damn want free sex go get yourself a bloody girlfriend.

How can a man want to sleep with a girl he doesn't have plans for..either paying or starting a relationship.

Men fear God ohh.....................

Don't let you dicks put you into trouble

Sleeping with a guy on a first date or 2months later doesn't make any difference, but as a man you should have self control, try and get to know a woman a bit more before getting your dick out. It won't hurt you know, you can't bang for 1week straight, it might just last 5mins and then what???????

They say women are loose but the men who sleep with this women are called what???

Answer: MEN so they think its cool and is allowed.



  1. My dear, I hv to agree with your brother in law. Trust me, I had to drop my naïveté very fast. You really think a guy will spend that kind of money and won't hv anything in mind? Y would u even be spending the night in a guys house but you don't want anything? Don't take that kind of risk next time cos some men r crazy and you can't trust anyone.

    1. Hahhaahhahaa Madam Sting.....i wonder what i was thinking.Tot 2 friends cld just spend time 2gether without it resulting to sex...Am wiser

  2. Na story you dey find


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